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Imagine staring at a white lifeless blank canvas sitting on your easel. Untouched by any brush strokes. Or maybe it’s the blank pages on your computer you’re staring at. All the while, you’re possessed by some fleeting unformed thoughts and imagery. It could also be that these images are so clear in your mind, however, they seem to be flowing like water under a bridge and seem like they might be lost forever if you do not pick up your brush to paint or sit down to write those words that have to you that you may give them life and introduce the world to them.


In a situation like this, although the currents of creativity might seem like a strong pull, we can choose to ignore them and they might be lost forever or visit another artist(host) through whom they might be birthed. The duty of the artist is to sit by their easel or desk and do the bidding of this Daemon of the creativity-the siren that sings seductively in our ears every so often waiting for us to strike our keyboards or splash paint on the canvas.


The artist must allow himself to be the channel through which great art can find expression in the world of the living. Some have called the artist’s way a noble one. But it is not as much a noble one as it is like a sausage maker’s workshop. It can get messy before it gets beautiful. I think that the whole point is to enjoy both the journey and the final work and this has been my ethos since I picked up a pen and stumbled into the world of writing and making the abstract seem bare and accessible to everyone. Art should be enjoyed by everyone both as creators and as onlookers, and I think that art should not be hidden behind the shadows of esoteric endeavours and pursuits.


Since I began writing actively over a decade ago, I have tried often, to remind myself of this personal truth and I hope to stick to it until the day I cast my last word on a page.

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