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Oche Itodo

Hi there!!! I’m Oche Itodo. I’m an epidemiologist by day, a thinker, writer and blogger by night, and the author of Beards Don’t Grow In Heaven. I fell in love with the art of weaving words together when I started to rewrite stories into simpler forms for my little brother to share in my joy of discovering alternate worlds right from the age of six.


Also a human rights activist, I am privileged to have received an honour by the Institut français, Paris for my fight against the death penalty in my country. I also publish articles on my other blog, “Humanity Spring” on topics covering human rights, public health, and global development.


Born in Nigeria in 1989, I believe that science illuminates our paths but it is the arts and writing that preserves the soul of the universe. Through writing, I bear witness to this cosmic experience of living and hope that you can join me on this journey through my writing.


When I’m not writing, I can be found travelling mostly in and around the European continent or wine tasting in some of France’s traditional cellars- the country I currently reside in.

Hey, I love hearing back from my readers, drop me a mail to let me know what you think. I’m also up for a chit chat over a cup of coffee anytime.


Somewhere across France and Switzerland.




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